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Big Creek Research & Extension Team 

The Big Creek Research and Extension Team, BCRET, was tasked with for evaluating the potential impact and sustainable management of the C&H Farm operation on the water quality of Big Creek. The study included these  major tasks:

1. Monitoring the fate and transport of nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, and bacteria from land-applied swine slurry to pastures.

2. Assessing the potential impact of farming operations (slurry holding ponds and land applied slurry) on the water quality of Big Creek below the C&H Farm, as well as emerging springs and ephemeral streams.

3. Determining the effectiveness and sustainability of alternative manure management techniques, including solid-liquid separation, which may enhance the export of nutrient out of the watershed.


NEW: The final report on this five-year project is now available. 

Bacteria Trends in Flowing Waters

E. coli in Flowing Waters


Electrical Resistivity Imaging